Four Decades Of Experience

Michael W. Ferrell Attorney at Law is an attorney who has earned the trust of his clients. Helping you when life takes an unexpected turn.

Helping You Deal With The Unexpected

Life doesn’t always go as planned. If you are struggling with an impending divorce, child custody dispute or unexpected responsibilities as the personal representative of an estate, it is important to have an experienced attorney by your side, helping you through the process.

I am Michael W. Ferrell, and I understand that entrusting an attorney with significant decisions regarding your family and your future can be unsettling, especially if your experience with the legal system is limited.

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More Than 40 Years Of Experience

​I believe in open, honest communication with my clients — not surprises. I have learned during the more than four decades of my legal practice that the last thing you need when dealing with divorce or estate planning is an unexpected disappointment based on unrealistic expectations.

Rather than sugarcoating the reality of your situation, I will explain you on your rights and help you evaluate your options so that you can make reasoned and informed decisions.

The most important aspect of my law practice is my genuine dedication to my clients. If you call, I will pick up the phone, answer your questions and be responsive to your needs. I care about you and the challenges you face — I want to help the law work for you.


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